Chaofeng Zhou

Computer Science Student at Yale University

  • Passionate about Web Development
  • Keep up with new technologies
  • Care about details and pixels


Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS

C/C++, Python



Node.js, React, MySQL, MongoDB

React-router, Redux, AJAX

D3.js, Webpack, Gulp


Git, JIRA, Slack, Markdown

macOS, Linux, AWS

Atom, WebStorm

Student Developer, Google Summer of Code 2016

Mentor: Prof. Zvonimir Rakamaric

May 2016 - August 2016

  • Developed JDart-Viz, a web tool that visualizes a Java program's execution flow.
  • Visualized JDart JSON output containing execution information with D3.js.
  • Presented the work as an accepted paper in Java PathFinder Workshop 2016, Seattle.

Research Assistant, University of Utah

Supervisor: Prof. Yarden Livnat

August 2014 - December 2016

  • Wrote modular JavaScript/ES6 code for multiple visualization projects.
  • Developed multiple backend web servers with Node.js and ExpressJS.
  • Administered servers and maintained databases including Neo4j and PostgreSQL.

Projectfuse is a website where people can find teammates for their ideas or projects that they want to work on.

Mitbbs Ranking

Mitbbs Ranking is a tool providing supplemental functionalities to Mitbbs Job Hunting section.

Course Checker

Course Checker is a Single-Page Application built with React, React-router, Node.js and MongoDB. This project is to provide auto-checking service for students who want to enroll a full-seated class. (Scrapper paused)


JDart-Viz is a visualization tool which lively illustrates the constraint trees generated by JDart, a dynamic symbolic analysis tool for Java. JDart-Vis can sigificantly relieve the pain when analysing the result trees JDart produces for us.

Grad Tracker

Grad Tracker is a web tool for tracking graduate students' academic progress. There are 3 roles (student, advisor and staff) in the system. Each role has different privileges.


Utrack is a yelp-like project which supports functionalities including allowing admin to add/edit POI (like restaurants and parks), and allowing users to add visit records, rate and comments to POIs.

Flow of Student Majors

Flow of Student Majors is a visualization project which visualizes in what percentages students change majors in their first and second college year, and illustrates detailed proportions in each changing flow.

Survey of Edge Bundling Methods

During the Undergraduate Research course, I have researched and reviewed various techniques of Edge Bundling, a concept to bundle edges to reduce graph clutter in the visualization area.

Yale University, New Haven, CT

M.S. in Computer Science

May 2018

Selected Coursework

University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

B.S. in Computer Science

May 2017

Cumulative GPA: 3.87/4.0

Selected Coursework